What are you doing?

Cooking between 50-60 separate dishes for a festival that will take place over the course of three days, for a total of six meals, for about 20 guests.

Are you insane?

Yes. Yes, I am.

Why are you doing this?

Because I am insane.

No, really, why?

Well, my husband and I like to make Sukkot a really fun, pleasant, happy holiday.  Having every member of our immediate family, and their families, come over helps make it so. And, well, they have to eat.  But serving the same chicken dish and iceberg lettuce salad for six meals straight would get kind of old, wouldn’t it?

Do all of these people stay in your house, too? Or in the Sukkah? Do you have room to walk?

No, no, and yes. Luckily, we live in a wonderful, generous community, which has several members who graciously lend us sleeping quarters nearby.

How do you get it all done?

I start cooking four weeks in advance; six if it’s a three-day holiday. I have two spreadsheets (seriously) that list menus, heating plans, necessary cooking equipment, and dish components (like salad dressings and sauces), which I update regularly, so that nothing gets left out.

Why did you start this blog?

Mostly in the hopes that writing it, and getting feedback, will help keep me on schedule.  But I like to write, too, and it’s fun to describe all the food. 🙂

Can you share your recipes?

I will be happy to do so, or provide a source (I get a lot of recipes from books or websites), but I will only be able to do so about a week after the holiday ends.  Beforehand, I’ll be cooking; writing this blog is just a diversion, not the focus of the next two months.  And immediately afterwards, I’ll be hanging out with my kids while they’re off from school and/or recuperating from the effort of getting it all together.  So ask me in November and I’ll be happy to share.


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