It begins…

Most Jewish hostesses’ years revolve around the holiday of Passover.  Their cooking, cleaning, and recipe compilation is all done with that festival lurking in the back of their minds.  Mine revolves around an event on the other side of the calendar:  Sukkot, also known as the Feast of the Tabernacles.  “Why,” you ask?  Read on.

The Quest:

In just under eight weeks from now, I’m going to be throwing six festive meals, for approximately 20 people at each meal, over the course of three days, with about ten dishes at each meal, with virtually no repetition of dishes.  And I will be cooking everything, except dessert.


Yes, I am insane.  But I prefer to think of my ambitions as quixotic, perhaps (hence my name).

I’ll be updating this blog throughout my adventures in preparing for the holiday, in an effort to keep myself on track for what will hopefully be a fun, chaotic weekend, full of family and good food.  That last part, of course, hinges on me keeping my act together and staying on schedule.

I have pantries and freezer contents to inventory and clear out; recipes to consolidate; menus to finalize; cooking schedules to assemble, and shopping lists to write.  And that’s just over the next two weeks, before the cooking actually starts.

Hopefully you’ll stick around and see whether it all comes together… and whether I am still able to think straight by the end. 🙂