Menu #4: Friday Lunch

Soup Strawberry-watermelon gazpacho
Salad 1 Terra chip salad
Salad 2 Cut vegetables with dip
Entree 1 Salmon two ways (lemon pepper/garlic and honey teriyaki)
Entree 2 Tuna potato scallop
Entree 3 Deli platter
Side 1 Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes
Side 2 Curried rice with raisins and almonds
Side 3 Apple-cranberry crisp
Side 4 Green beans with garlic and mushrooms

After such heavy fare, this meal is meant to be much lighter. We’re going with mostly fish for the entrees; there’s a deli platter since my husband and I don’t do dairy meals for a festival meal, so there’s meat available for those who want it; but there are no kugels either, and most of the food is on the lighter side in general.

The Terra Chip salad comes from a cookbook by Susie Fishbein (I’ve forgotten which one, as she’s written several); it’s mostly greens and some peppers tossed with a a yummy ketchup-and-onion-based dressing, with Terra Chips thrown in for crunch and color. It looks pretty and is rather popular among my guests.